Self Check On Self-Acceptance, Your Integrity Broker

You will quickly know who aligns with your values and who does not when you live your life true to yourself. There is a price to pay for self- acceptance, but it is one well worth the cost. It pays for our peace and harmony and it fuels our continued growth and capacity to be effective to ourselves and others. Self-acceptance helps us keep a check on where we need to grow and how we have evolved over the years. It is an alarm system that warns us when we are in the company of opposing views, yet gives us the fortitude to live truthfully into our own. It keeps us accountable and living into our integrity.

If you have ever felt the need to lean on others, lost, confused, stuck or unmotivated you are not alone. Our communal impulse is to reach for people to surround us, protect our fragility, to validate us. When we travel this road, we find ourselves on a windy path further and further away from all of the security we are seeking. Exercising your ability to embrace the components of what makes you uniquely you, is the first step to becoming unstuck and free. Self-acceptance isn't selfishness. It is necessary for inner strength which is a building block for all you will be and do.