Focus, Prepare, Execute...Get Back In Your Lane

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Take your mark, get set and go are familiar commands to runners of a race. These commands are in essence telling competitors to focus, prepare and implement. Before a race, runners are positioned in their lanes against starting blocks that help to ensure they are given equal opportunity to win.

With the first command, "take your mark", runners position themselves against their individual blocks while simultaneously focusing on their lane and their goal. A good runner knows that his or her goal is making it to the finish line utilizing their own lane. The next command, "get set", instructs the runner to ready themselves by literally preparing their minds and bodies for action. Each athlete knows that the task before them will require engagement of all their faculties; mind, body, will and spirit. They know it will not be easy no matter how many times they have run this same race. They know that the end result is "up in the air", regardless to who is running with them or against them. Athletes are most competitive with themselves and they are obsessed with having better outcomes for themselves than they had in times past. They realize they have competition, but that the competition only serves to sharpen them and make them better.

Preparation requires taking inventory; evaluating the terrain. The more the runner has won or lost this race, the better they have become at achieving successful outcomes. They can just about run the race with their eyes closed, feel the straight lines, the curves, the highs and lows of their lane with their memory. They can prepare for access to the needed oxygen and energy they will have to exert to make it to the finish line. Each race is a gamble. Each race is a challenge. Each race requires they give their all. They know they will be winded to the point of needed recovery time before their next race. But, the runner knows the satisfaction of exercising their talent and building their best selves is worth the trouble. Execution is action. No matter how many times the runner focuses and prepares, nothing can manifest unless he or she takes focused and prepared action.

Life is like a race but it is a race that we run with other people not against them; iron sharpening iron. Everyone has wins that propels them to their next level of individual gratitude with their lives. Everyone gets to give and receive. Providing momentum and challenge to our counterparts is a gift that grows character and morale.

There is no competition when you are in your own lane, doing your very best. Focus, prepare and execute. Anything keeping you from realizing your dream, any thoughts that intimidate you from satisfying that burning desire within you, probably isn't real. Get back in your lane. Get back in your race. Be motivated. Welcome challenges. Sharpen your edges for the wins and the losses

- they are all a part of the process. Get back on the block and "take your mark.............."