Finding Joy In the Wait

One of the most difficult times in my life required me to practice extreme discipline, dedication and most of all, patience. A complex set of unfortunate circumstances yielded me injured, broken, and an adolescent single mother. Upon deciding to keep my baby, I knew sacrifices would have to be made. While this season in my life dealt me a great deal of enduring pain, it also served to teach me the faithful reward in waiting.

"The Wait" isn't a place of complacency or apathy. It isn't the kind of wait that often happens while we are in line at the grocery store or awaiting our doctor's appointments. If addressed correctly, "The Wait" becomes more of a place or a season, than time measured by a definitive beginning and ending. As you know, although we have times marked on the calendar that encompass Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall, "Master Nature" really holds the controls. We can say that Summer begins on the twenty first day of June, but it could still be snowing and there is absolutely nothing we can do but make the best of it. Purposeful waiting in our seasons of difficulty, sacrifice and uncertainty is similar. We cannot dictate when it will start or stop, but we can spend our time constructively.

During that time all of those years ago, I spent countless hours praying, reading my Bible and other books that edified my spiritual and mental growth. I realized I had two choices' to fill my days with sorrow or drown the sorrow with knowledge and self discovery. I learned that gratitude was the key to finding joy while in the grueling, hard, cold Winter of "The Wait". I learned to be grateful for everything I was encountering, realizing I would one day be able to share it with someone, anyone who needed it. I was building a foundation that I could always go back to and extract jewels of lessons I learned without fear of my "house" crumbling. Each time I have returned to that foundation in my mind, I have learned something new and continue to all of these years later.

Your "Wait" isn't intended to be unbearable. It is intended to give you the solitude to be one hundred percent dedicated to learning invaluable life lessons that will carry you through times while learning to have joy and not just temporary happiness. It is the builder of character that renders us able to be content in the good times as well as the challenging ones. We learn while "In The Wait" that God is there too. Our great times are amplified and appreciated when we have learned how to extract joy even when we have to wait.