Nicole L Wade is a business executive with years of experience as a business development professional and professional writer. She worked with Fortune 500 companies to develop strategic development objectives and coached  internal regional teams to success at one of the largest companies in the nation, using research, strategy, creativity and an understanding of how people and systems work.

A business owner, herself, Nicole published Community Chronicle, a community based publication in 2003. She later developed Nicole L Wade Business Development in 2015 to consult and align with other publications and businesses to assist them with developing brand identity, marketing plans, content creation, editing and media packages, distribution and sales.  She is also the owner of N'Spired Naturals Salon in Nashville, TN. 

Nicole is a motivator, driver and leader with a passion to help people and organizations reach their next level. 


Corporate Training

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Backward Thinking Technique

  • Organization

  • Goal Setting

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