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Dear Busy Woman of Faith...

Making Your Vision a Reality

I created Love Notes Journal for Women of Faith, as a guided self-care and affirmations journal to accompany women who do not find the time to prioritize themselves. If you are like me, you have thought about bringing your life into harmony with proper self-care, but as quickly as the thought arrived, you were on to the next task at hand. I'm not saying that our daily tasks are not important, but we would be better equipped to handle them if we took the much-needed time to truly care for ourselves.

Self-care is more than pampering ourselves to a spa every once in a while, although that is a great part of it! Self-care is managing our lives so that we are including ourselves; consistently doing the things that make us feel fulfilled, healthy, happy and whole! It is pouring back into ourselves, so that we are not empty in our spirits, or exhausted in our minds and bodies. Self-care is praying, planning, meditating, sharing, resting. It is creating that business plan and making the time to fulfill our dreams so that we are filling the storehouses of our hearts, in return we are building the stamina to pour our talents and gifts back into the world, as God intended for us to.


Love Notes Journal for Women of Faith is a companion to your self-care! Just open the book and let the book guide you with affirming exercises, prayers, and a Love Note in each section, crafted just for you! You will store your favorite Bible verses in it, your favorite quotes, plan your social media posts, implement healthy foods into your diet, do your vision board, bucket-list, start your business plan, take control of your career progress, visualize you at your best and so much more! Woman of Faith, get busy living your life abundantly! Invest in yourself and commit to YOU FIRST!


Nicole L. Wade

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Put your plans in motion.

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