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About Me

Why I Created This Space

Hi I'm Nicole, a content creator, strategist, and coach. I understand how your calling and your business ideas intersect. Our business ideas are extensions of who we are, and like our personalities, they should be expressed uniquely.


Throughout my career I have used content to share my own life and business experiences, as well as to help others with expressing their own. As a creator, I help you develop your ideas so that they express your unique style.


You are always welcome here! And you're welcome to connect with me to talk over your business ideas, get re-inspired, begin developing your business and marketing plan, and customized content for your website, social media, and everything that business identifiers!

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur  and Visionary

If you want help bringing your business idea to life, developing your professional image, understanding who you are here to serve, and finding the right words to sell your story to your audience: someone you can trust to unload your precious ideas and help you bring them to fruition, then we really need to talk!

It is so important that you express your gifts to the world. And no one intentionally gives birth without a midwife or someone who has seen it done before. Many times we have a God-given dream that we are sitting on because we've been given a vision, we've just never unpacked the vision into steps that manifest into our businesses. Let's talk! Can't wait to hear from you!


"Cole Concepts' authentic branding , is developed on the premise of self-care. Your commitment to personal development is a major indicator of the success of your professional development.

Nicole L. Wade

Coach | Consultant | Content Creator
Cole Concepts

Services by Cole Concepts

A selection of  services that help develop or improve the way you do business. Take a moment to select the one that best fits your needs and schedule a consultation with me to discuss how I can help.


Love Notes Journal

The Busy Woman's Companion Journal

I created Love Notes Journal for Women of Faith, as a guided self-care and affirmations journal to accompany women who do not find the time to prioritize themselves. If you are like me, you have thought about bringing your life into harmony with proper self-care, but as quickly as the thought arrived, you were on to the next task at hand. I'm not saying that our daily tasks are not important, but we would be better equipped to handle them if we took the much-needed time to truly care for ourselves.

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Love Notes Journal
You aren't  procrastinating. You just need a workable plan. 

Nicole L. Wade

Coach | Consultant | Content Creator

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I can't wait to hear from you! 

Email:  /  Tel: 629-259-6032

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